Monday, March 28, 2011

The solution is CLEAR - March 28, 2011

The Big Corps are running the government and avoiding paying their fair share of supporting needed government services - to keep all the money for themselves.
The government isn’t going to do anything – really.  Can’t really blame any of them – that is how things work today.

We can fix this ourselves by making wise purchases – we actually do have the power and the votes with what we choose to buy every day.  Our dollars are our power.

We must take full responsibility for the results of our purchases – choose cheap stuff at the big Corporate stores and you have created the whole mess yourself.

We can’t fight ourselves and have any hope – we must see the real picture and be smarter – starting right now.

Buy from small local companies as much as possible.  Avoid buying imports and cheap stuff – as much as possible.

We have the numbers and we can instantly communicate – there is no reason to let the big Corporations continue to dominate us.