Friday, July 29, 2011

How To Fix The Mess - Starting Today

Here is How We Can Fix Our Government… 
Stop Feeding the Monsters

The Ongoing Embarrassment in Washington DC brings everything into clear view – but don’t blame Obama or Boehner…    We are All Responsible for the mess we are in.

We can also immediately change things.
We need to see the problem and make an effort to do the opposite.

Most people feel that the government is out of control and there is nothing they can do about it.  Many people vote in an election, but not even that seems to make any difference.  Special Interest Groups and Lobbyists and unseen Players now have the power.

Big Money has taken control of the government.  Politicians must play the game to get and stay elected.   A few behind the scenes individuals yield the real power.

We have all helped the big corporations take control of our government and our lives.  Every single purchase we make is an effective vote for the future that truly counts and makes a difference.  Buying cheap stuff from a big company immediately builds up that company.  Buying cheap imported stuff directly exports our money and our jobs.

Our Choosing Cheap and Convenient has contributed to the bad effects of globalization.  Globalization has happened, but we don’t have to be controlled by distant huge corporations any more.  Buying the Best Value is our Best Hope for our Future.

Three areas where we can make an immediate impact on our local economy are to buy local food, local wood, and local renewable energy.  Buy Everything As Local As Possible from a Company As Small As Possible - and everything will change quickly. 

We don’t have to feed the monster any more – we can choose to change things very quickly with our daily purchases.  Support small local business, feed the local economy, and starve the Big Corporations.  Their power will soon be depleted.

Communities focusing on local food, wood, and renewable energy can be largely self sufficient.  Communities organized to meet local needs can be stable in a crisis.

We need to focus on what government services are essential.  Government should do just what government is best at – but get government out of the business sector – that clearly hasn’t worked.   Everyone should play an active role in government and put personal pressure on elected officials to listen to the local people that elected them.

If we make smart purchasing decisions, we can create the best future possible for our communities and country and world in the new global economy.