Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stop Feeding the Monsters - they will fade away

We are in a new and changing global economy and society, being constantly transformed by the incredible internet, universal communications, instant banking, fast global travel, and quick world-wide shipping. 
A small number of very rich and powerful people have taken advantage of this globalization and now control the economy and our governments in many ways. 
The huge corporations that now control the world gained that wealth by convincing us to buy their products.  We gave them our money – we chose to buy cheap and convenient – foolishly believing that buying cheap stuff and saving money would make us live better.   IT HASN’T
When we buy any imported things, we export our money and local jobs and build up the company and the country where the product came from.  Our purchases also directly build up the political power of that company and country.
Our political votes have little effect today, but every single purchase we make is an important vote for our future that does have an immediate effect.
Many parents have told me that they need to buy cheap stuff for their family – to have the things that they need.
Buying cheap stuff is like drinking water with a little poison in it – you don’t feel it right away but you need to know that every little bit will eventually kill you and those around you – we are all in this together.
Don’t be fooled to think you need to buy cheap stuff for your kids today – be smarter and buy good value for your family’s future.
When we buy cheap stuff it degrades the economy, decreasing our purchasing power, forcing people to buy cheaper and cheaper stuff – in a never ending downward spiral.
Buying cheap imports online or in the big box store exports our money and jobs and lowers the tax revenue of the government.  People losing their jobs or accepting low paying jobs - increases the need for welfare and food stamps – requiring higher taxes – meaning we will pay more taxes and receive less services. 
Buy quality products from local small business builds the economy, supports good jobs - and increases our purchase power in an ever growing cycle
Buying from local companies builds the economy and increases the tax revenue to support better government services at less cost to the individual.
Buying cheap stuff on sale feels good – at the moment.  Shopping is Fun and Exciting – we have a lust for stuff.   Don’t foolishly believe the big corporation is actually giving you a really good deal for stuff “on sale” and at a discount or even FREE – they are tricking you into buying stuff that is poor quality, unwanted, defective, out of date, - folks, you get what you pay for.  Or they simply lie about the price to make you think you saved money.
Big Corporations sell stuff cheap to eliminate the small companies, then raise prices when they control the market.   Be aware how the big corporations work to dominate the economy and gain power. 
Don’t follow the advertising of the big corporations – do the opposite of what they want you to do
Only buy what you need, not what the big corporations tell you that you want.
Don’t feed the monsters – you will eventually get bitten!
Starve a monster and it will soon go away.

Be a smart shopper
Buy As Local As Possible
many things are still produced here 
When you can buy local, make an extra effort to balance the bad effects of your having to buy certain imported products.
Buy from as Small a company as possible
small business is better and you get good service
Buy as Hand Made as possible.
buying from a big factory with huge machines and robots doesn’t support jobs for people
Buy the best value for the future

Many people apparently think ‘buy local’ means shopping for cheap imported stuff on sale at the neighborhood big box store. 
Cheap stuff comes at a high cost
If a product is cheapest, you must know that every corner has been cut, the earth has been abused, cheap labor has been exploited, huge amounts of energy have been used, cheating is likely involved. Cheap stuff soon ends up in the landfill at another cost to dispose of it.  Then you have to replace it at additional cost.

The American Woman – the primary shopper – is the most powerful force on earth. 

We all need to Make wise choices – there is no excuse for ignorance anymore.
Every purchase is a real vote that has an immediate effect.
In the haste to rebuild after a disaster and keep immediate costs low, the government and the insurance companies are dictating using cheap imported building materials and cheap labor.
Government spending should build the economy, not export our money to other countries.
Stimulus doesn’t work anymore because the government and most people buy cheap imported stuff foolishly believing that saving a little money this moment leads to a better life in the future.
Wood is an amazing example of how we could have a big effect right here.  We are surrounded by 16 million acres of undervalued and underutilized forests in Wisconsin, plus hundreds of million trees in our cities and villages that are mostly wasted and costly to dispose of when they are cut.
Today in Wisconsin we are exporting our best walnut and white oak logs to the far east for cheap commodity prices.  We have lost 500,000 jobs and $20 Billion in production in the Wisconsin Timber Industry in the last few decades to globalization and cheap labor.
Wood customers need to stop buying cheap imported wood substitutes or super expensive trophy wood - and enjoy the beautiful and natural wood resources growing all around us.  Using local wood directly lowers the demand for illegally logged wood and for clear cutting the rainforest.
An example:  Cheap ‘wood’ flooring  – you can bet the timber was stolen and/or illegally logged, the grower and community received little to no benefits from the harvest but was left with a huge mess in their local environment, processing was done in dangerous and dirty mills with cheap labor.  Huge amounts of energy were used in transportation
Using locally grown and manufactured wood products keeps nearly all of the value of trees in the local economy – one well paying and rewarding job could be supported by every ten acres of forest or by every 50 trees cut in a city during one year.
Support small local companies that produce natural, solid, local goods
Keep your money and our jobs in the local economy with your choices
Pay a fair price to a good company – you get what you pay for. 

cheap and convenient comes at a very high cost

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