Friday, February 18, 2011

Everyone is Going Crazy in Madison Wisconsin!

None of this will fix the problem.  Everyone is angry and hurting and hopeless.  It is all just emotion. Venting.

What we need is a solution, some hope for all of our future.

To get there we need to understand how we got here.

In Wisconsin and the U.S. we have been blessed with abundant resources.  We have been spoiled.
   Travel the world and see how most people live.

We have chosen to buy cheap imported stuff at the big box store for our convenience and instant gratification.

We have chosen to export our jobs and our money, and now face the results.  We are responsible for all this.

Government and schools must provide excellent services so taxpayers choose to pay – whatever the fair cost might be.
   People have lost faith in public employees due to the lack of professional supervision and proper training.
   Unions have not adapted to be relevant in the new global marketplace – they are a dinosaur bellowing its’ last gasp.

Crying and fighting like spoiled brats will not get us anywhere.

We need to rebuild our local economy with smarter buying choices.  We need to keep our $$ and jobs in the local economy.
    We can do this immediately and every purchase is a vote for our future that truly makes a difference – immediately.

We need to use what we have and fill the needs of our communities.   Choose as local as possible.

We must be willing to work a real job, be willing to sweat again – focus our energy – be smart about our future.

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