Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Madison and Cairo and Tripoli

OK, You spoiled rich kids can protest and “fight for your rights” = you can do that here.  Do you have to be so NOISY?   Can you be more informed?

But anyone who thinks what the people in Madison are doing is IN ANY WAY COMPARABLE to the demonstrations in the Middle East – you should be totally ashamed of your ignorance.

When you travel to developing countries and see how most of the people in this world live day to day, There is no Comparison.
They have no money, no benefits, no rights to speak of – and they are truly risking their lives and livelihoods right now.

We are so rich and spoiled and grossly wasteful and unappreciative and arrogant - here in Wisconsin and the U.S.A. 

It is too bad that all the energy in Madison is not doing anything positive.   Globalization keeps happening here in Wisconsin and unless that is understood and incorporated into the solution – everyone has totally missed the point. 

If this effort and energy was focused on rebuilding our economy instead of tearing everyone down – miracles could happen right now.

All people are doing in Madison is trying to hold onto the riches we had before we exported our jobs and money overseas.   Too Late!

We need to look at what resources we have right here and use them to meet our local and regional needs.
We need to stop buying cheap imported stuff at the big box store – for our “convenience” and exporting our money and jobs.

No Politician or Media will voice this – they are controlled by the big Corporations.

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  1. It sounds as if something's going on in Madison - although not enough to hit the news in Scotland!
    I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about this globalisation issue. At first I thought that globalisation had contributed to our economic development and well-being - which it undoubtedly has, it means we can take advantage of cheap labour all over the world. On the other hand, that's made us complacent and lazy, so we are completely dependent on people who really aren't interested in our well-being. So, we all need to take more control of our destinies, so that if/ when things get tough, we can at least survive, and preferably prosper, from the products of our own neighbourhoods. That'll mean more expensive food, clothes and wood, but it'll also mean more vibrant communities. Most of us in the developed world are rich enough that we can spend money on stuff that's so far down Maslow's hierarchy of needs, it has no real benefit to us, so we can easily afford to spend a bit more and get local stuff, and the satisfaction that will bring.