Thursday, February 17, 2011

What we NEED to DO Today!

We need to understand globalization and how we have chosen to export our jobs and money.  Choosing cheap imported stuff in the big box stores over quality goods made close to home – we are responsible for the economic problems we face today. 

The slower economy has made our government problems more evident.  People everywhere are fed up with poor services and refuse to pay more when major incompetence is rampant.  Right now, states are busting unions of public workers because there is no money to pay people as before.

We all need to realize globalization has happened and we can not just demand high wages and benefits like decades ago.  As a businessman, I face the competitive global markets everyday – I can’t demand anything – I have to earn whatever I can and be smart just to survive.

We need to change our buying habits – our purchases are the most powerful force in the world.  Every time we buy something, it immediately builds up the company and country selling the product.  If we buy online or over the phone – nearly all of our money immediately leaves the local economy.  If we buy in the big box store – most of our money leaves the local economy.  If we buy from a locally owned company – more of our money stays in the local economy.  If we buy from a local producer – nearly all of our money stays here – supporting good jobs – creating a positive spiral effect.   We need to buy as local as possible.

We need to use what we have and work to fill local needs.  Importing cheap stuff for our convenience kills the local economy.

Local Food Wood and BioFuel are unlimited opportunities to grow our local economy.  Good jobs would be created if people chose to buy local as possible.

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